Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sustainable Chocolate Powered F3 Racing!


I came across this and just felt I had to share it with you. Worldfirst Racing have just built a proof of concept racing car which runs on a biodiesel fuel which is derived from vegetable oil and waste chocolate. Not only that but a lot of the vehicles components have been built around sustainable materials, i.e. potato starch coated in flax fibre for the wings and a steering wheel made from 'curran', a carrot derivative! See here for more detail about the technology behind the car.

Just in case you're checking your calendar for the 1st of April, here's a clip of the car in action:

Bear in mind it is often the racing industry which drives forward (pardon the pun) automotive innovation which eventually is passed onto the consumer market, one day we could all be motoring in cocoa powered cars!

Onwards & upwards!