Monday, August 31, 2009

How To Reset Canon Printer IP2000, IP3000, IP4000, IP5000, IP6000, I6100, I6500

Manual reset for Canon IP2000 IP 3000 IP4000 IP5000 IP6000, I6100, I6500
  1. Turn off the printer

  2. Press and hold RESUME button

  3. Press and hold POWER button

  4. Release RESUME button ( don't release POWER button )

  5. Press RESUME button 2 times

  6. Head will move and the light is not blinking

  7. Press RESUME button 3 times

  8. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button. If no off press the power button until the printer is off

  9. Your Printer should respond as normal
Note :

After reset the printer ip2000, ip3000, ip4000 waste pad must be cleaned and dried first and then paired again. Be carefull when opening and re-cultivated pair no shifting Gear contained in the waste pad. For i6100, i6500 after reset is not necessary in the open and cleaned the waste pad