Saturday, January 15, 2011

Origin of Famous Linux Distibutions

Here I am trying to collect the Origin of famous Linux Distributions.
Linux is Now World Wide, Most of the Countries are Trying to make their Own Distribution. In India BOSS Linux is trying to attach 18 regional language support.

Debian --> World(No official Owner)
Ubuntu -->
Isle of Man( UK) (Canonical ltd.)
Mandriva --> France (Mandrake Soft.) + Brazil(Conectiva Linux)
Fedora --> USA (RedHat Corp.)

OpenSUSE --> Germany (SUSE) + US (Novell)
FreeBSD --> USA
PCLinuxOS --> USA

Gentoo Linux --> USA
CentOS -->
Slackware --> USA
Puppy Linux --> Australia
Linux Mint --> Ireland
Pardus Linux --> Turkey
Sabayon Linux --> Italy

Turbo Linux --> Japan
Miracle Linux - Japan
YOPER Linux -- New Zeland
Knoppix --> Germany
Red Flag Linux -- China
BOSS LINUX --> India