Saturday, September 5, 2009

Avira Antivir Removal Tool Freeware

Do you know if your computer folder there worm or trojan? to ensure that your computer does not have worms or other viruses that try to scan by using Avira Antivir Removal Tool.

Avira Antivir Removal Tool is a standalone antivirus (not require installation) that are created to detect and remove some harmful viruses such as Worm/Sober - Woem/Netsky - Worm/Sober.Y - W32/Stanit.A - Worm/NetSky.AA - Worm/NetSky.B.1 - Worm/NetSky.C - Worm/Netsky.D.Dam - Worm/NetSky.P - Worm/NetSky.X - Worm/Mytob.IN.2 - Worm/Mytob.KS - TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ - TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ.1 - TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ.2 - TR/Spy.Banker.AATZ.3, and other virus variants.

This software not requires installation and can be run directly from a USB drive, but this software is not a feature that provides Sotware autoscanning, auto guard, but really made as a tool to detect, remove viruses and also make permanent repairs.

License : Freeware
Windows : 2000/XP/2003/Vista x64
Requirements : None
>> Download here <<