Monday, September 7, 2009

Smartphone AVR DTMF Remote Control

AVR Smartphone project

This project based on Microcontroller AVR ATtiny 2313 and SmartPhone as main part. The project can controls 3 relays by DTMF sounds emitted by a Smartphone. Emilio, the designer, said that this project useful for controlling, for example a rover, using relay as motor power switches.

The Smartphone (with Windows Mobile 6 OS) can run as web server with capture ability and send the picture to the client via internet. Other features of this circuit is the Smartphone can also moved and controlling motors with his speaker, emitting the correct dial tones in relation to GET requests from internet client. It's not necessary to make any connection from the phone to the circuit, because the phone connects "wireless" using the sound.

You can download test program written for smartphone WM6, schematic, and hex file here

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