Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The thinker must come upon himself through his many aspects

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Here is today's quote:

The “I”, the thinker, the observer, watches his opposing and conflicting thoughts-feelings as though he were not part of them, as though he were above and beyond them, controlling, guiding, shaping. But is not the “I”, the thinker, also these conflicts? Has he not created them? Whatever the level, is the thinker separate from his thoughts? The thinker is the creator of opposing urges, assuming different roles at different times according to his pleasure and pain. To comprehend himself the thinker must come upon himself through his many aspects.

The Collected Works vol IV, p 45.

Here is my reflection.

I think this shows just how easily we get caught in the net of our thoughts, how it is the whole process of thinking that creates us, and until we turn around and look at thinking rather than sending thought-images out away from us to people and things as names and as knowledge, we remain caught in that net. Thought is always out-manoeuvering us like this; we seem always to be a step behind, largely because we fall prey to the need to be secure, because we value knowledge over freedom.

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