Monday, October 5, 2009

The controller and the controlled

Good morning everyone,

Here is today's quote:

Is there in daily existence a way of living in which every form of psychological control ceases to exist?—because control means effort, it means division between the controller and the controlled; I am angry, I must control my anger; I smoke, I must not smoke and I must resist smoking. We are saying there is something totally different and this may be misunderstood and may be rejected altogether because it is very common to say that all life is control—if you do not control you will become permissive, nonsensical, without meaning, therefore you must control. Religions, philosophies, teachers, your family, your mother, they all encourage you to control. We have never asked: Who is the controller?

The Network of Thought, p 79

Here is my reflection.

So is there a controller without control? Is it only in the act of controlling that the controller comes into being? Is the object to which control is directed, just a cloak, a distraction from the real question? Is there a away of relating to another without control, and how does this relate to love? Would love reveal the real question?

Bets wishes