Sunday, October 25, 2009

PIC Wireless Networks Wifi (Hotspot) Detector

PIC Hotspot detectorThis wireless detector project allows you to sense the presence and relative signal strength of wireless hotspots. It is "always on" and communicates the presence and signal strength of an in-range hotspot by way of sequences of pulses - like a heartbeat you can feel. The stronger and faster the "heartbeat", the stronger the wireless signal detected.

This project consists of a microcontroller PIC 12F629, some custom interface electronics, a small vibe motor, and an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi detector from D-Link. The microcontroller periodically "presses" the button on the detector to initiate a reading. The microcontroller "reads" the output from the detector indicator LEDs and uses this as the basis for pulsing out a signal on the vibe motor, which the wearer can feel.

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