Saturday, October 3, 2009

Powerfull biometric robots

Biometric Robots

The iSprawl is the first fully autonomous member of the Sprawl family. It is about 11 centimeters in length and can run at 15 body-lengths/second (over 2.3m/s). (Credit: Center for Design Research at Stanford University)

This robotic lobster imitates the real lobster behavior. (Credit: Jan Witting, Northeastern University)

Here is a rendering of the Entomopter-based robot flying over Mars (Credit: Georgia Tech).

The upper robot is cricket-inspired robot, approximately three inches long, designed for both walking and jumping. (Credit: CWRU) This kind of robot uses sound to find potential similar robots. This could be useful in search and rescue missions.

The upper robot is a scorpion-based robot developed at Fraunhofer Autonome Intelligente Systeme (AIS) in Germany. These robots are designed to work in harsh environments. They have eight legs.