Sunday, December 13, 2009

PIC Project : Alarm Security System

PIC Project : Alarm Security SystemThis Alarm Sytem is based on two PIC12C508 (one is used in transmitter and the other one in the main unit). The following PICs are supported: 12c508, 12c509, 12c508a, 12c509a, 12ce518, 12ce519, 12f508, 12f509, 16f84 and 16f84a. Transmitter uses infra red beam to send code name to main unit. The commands are:

* Arm/Disarm
* Silent Arm/Disarm
* Weak battery in transmitter

It implements the folowing features:

* IR remote keyless system
* 72 bits transmission length (64bits password, 4bit CRC, and 4bits for commands)
* Arm/Disarm
* Immobilizer
* Two stage sensors, door and shock sensor trigger inputs
* Locking/unlocking of doors
* Normal/Silent modes
* Inside zone intrusion memory
* Transmitter low battery indication

This system is a perfect solution for unidirectional remote keyless entry systems and access control systems. Such system may be implemented in:

* Automotive alarm systems
* Automotive immobilizers
* Gate and garage door openers
* Burglar alarm systems

Download :
Here you can find transmitter assembler code (updated on March 11, 2008) and a file. Don't forget to change processor type in MPLAB or you will get errors. I've added PIC16F84 family processors for debug. And also you can find main unit assembler code.

Schematic :
Download Transmitter schematic, main unit schematic, IR Receiver schematic, IR Receiver Schematic Diagram (TBA2800 Based)