Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wireless Graphic LCD

Today, I was thinking how dirty and full of stuff my desk was. So I decided to relocate my graphic LCD to another person’s desk but still have control over it. To do this, I figured I could simply use the ACODE-300 wireless bluetooth modules.

Required Parts :
  • 2 ACODE-300 Bluetooth modules
  • 1 ACODE Interface Board
  • 2 LEDs
  • 1 LM3940 or any 5-to-3.3v regulator
  • 1 15K and 30K resistors
  • 1 GHLCD graphic LCD (or any serial LCD)
  • 6 4-pin sockets (or simply cut a 16-pin socket like me~)
  • 1 CUBLOC or some type of microcontroller
  • 1 CUBLOC Study Board or some type of microcontroller
You can get ACODE-300, ACODE interface Board, GHLCD graphic LCD, CUBLOC, and Study Board from
For complete reference, source code, Schematic, you can Schematic Download, PromiWIN4.0_Setup(En).exe Download, Tetris Program Download