Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Four Fingered Robotic Arm Project

This paper deals with the design, construction, analysis and control of a multi figured humanoid robotic hand. It uses a very effective mechanism .The mechanism has a revolute joints to provide different kind o motion to the links The mechanism consists of springs so that the weight of the system is balanced by these springs this reduces the torque required for the motion of the robot .The mechanism used for the fabrication of the robot are mainly PERSPEX and WOOD because of their light weight.

The robot uses the Japanese futaba servo motors for motion of links. The robot consists of four servo motors of the rating 6V and torque 3 kg-cm. The robotic hand can be controlled by both the computer and the micro controller. The robot is controlled in two ways Manual and Automatic. The robot picks the object with the help of software program made in Visual Basic .Net.

The control software consists of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) designed in Visual Basic .Net. The software provides the large flexibility in controlling the robotic hand.

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