Friday, March 28, 2008

Asteroids arcade cabinet

Okay, here's a big one. This is a project I had been working on for about half a year back in 2006.
At about this time my videogame collection was starting to get kind of out-of-hand, I had about twenty something consoles at the time (now I'm up to 35 or so I think), and I had no place to store all my games and boxes and stuff.

The thought crossed my mind to create an arcade cabinet that could store my television and have storage space for all my games and boxes etc.
Initially my plan was to make a Donkey Kong or a centipede cabinet because I liked the sideart on those cabs, in the end I ended up deciding on Asteroids, I don't know why, I think I just liked the shape of that cabinet more.

Anyway, here is the final result (actually it's not finished, I've been meaning to buy some glass doors to put on the bottom front there.):

And here are the progress shots (I kind of wish I had taken more photos as I went, its pretty interesting to look back and see how you made stuff step by step):

Here is before it was painted, I wish I had taken more photos of how I actually built it.
Below is the shelf thing I made for inside the cabinet, it stores 64 carts, NES carts, megadrive carts, master system carts, CD cases , nes boxes, megadrive boxes, 2600 boxes, and DVD cases.
It also swings out to reveal a cavity behind it for storing spare controllers and consoles and console boxes.

Here is the progress painting it:

Here is how the shelf thing works, and you can see all the console boxes stacked tetris-style behind it:

I've made sure to take a lot more photos on the progress for the current project I'm working on, so stay tuned, I'll probably do post on it as I go and how I've solve some of the problems the arise.