Saturday, March 29, 2008

NES coffee table!

The last few posts I made have displayed some of the older videogame-related projects that I have worked on in the past, now it's time to show off my current project!

Since building my Asteroids arcade cabinet replica/ television cabinet, My videogame collection has grown almost double the size, I've completely filled the storage space in the cabinet and now there are boxes, consoles and loose carts all over the floor.
A few weeks ago I decided it was about time I made myself some more storage space, and so I began to make this.....

Golly gosh! What could this possibly be!?....

Wait a second! I recognise those shapes! That's a ginourmous fucking NES controller!

(this is what my hands looked like after cutting out the above pieces, basically I had to cut those pieces out of a big piece of 4mm MDF. The only cutting utensil I had at hand was a half blunt graphics scalpel....)

I saw the giant NES controller they made on G4TV and one thing that I thought looked kind stupid was how the surface was perfectly flat and the edges were perfectly sharp (not bevelled), so with this I decided to use some 4mm MDF as a second layer to raise the bits where the plastic stands out, in the next post I'll show how I bevelled the edges to scale.

Here are the button holes after I cut them out, I used a drill and a jigsaw to cut the D-pad holes and a 90mm hole-saw for the A and B buttons, and a spade bit and the jigsaw for start and select.

Here's the top part of the coffee table being glued and clamped together, I didn't want to use screws or nails because I plan to bevel the edged where the screws would obtrude.

And there you go! phase 1 of the NES coffee table/storage box complete, next up; bevelling the edges so they don't look sucky. Awesome.